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Maria Ellis

Bradgate Films founder and producer


With many years' experience producing short films and music promos, Maria turned her attention to feature films and formed Bradgate Films to support a growing slate of projects. Maria's background prior to producing was in law and banking.


She received her law degree in 2001 and a post graduate diploma with a commendation the following year. Maria has since gained extensive experience in banking, operating within the operations management area for a multi-national bank. This business and legal experience has enabled Maria to successfully negotiate and acquire rights to the slate of feature projects owned by Bradgate Films and to forward the company's first feature "Ashes" through development and into production.


Maria co-executive produced 35mm short film "Gone Fishing", written and directed by Chris Jones at Living Spirit Pictures and also "In the Daze of Things" written and directed by Gael Zaks. Her first feature film as producer, "Ashes" is now complete.





Roger Bird



Roger has worked in the entertainment business for 20 years. He joined Bradgate Films to help co-produced feature film Ashes and is now actively involved in producing two follow-up features for the company.


Before finding his place in the film business, Roger spent many years as a professional performer and band leader. He has written and produced for stage, and has successfully managed his own band "Mood Indigo". This act has appeared on television and radio, and enjoyed residencies at many of the nation's top venues including Ronnie Scott's and Birmingham's Jam House. He made a memorable appearance as the only live act at the James Bond 40th Birthday party at Cannes Film Festival.


More recently Roger has been involved in the management and development of original music acts including Nottingham's Jake Bugg and singer/songwriter Robyn Hughes-Jones.




Alan Coulson

Screenwriter / director / lighting camera


Alan has been writing professionally for the screen for over 15 years, working extensively in both the UK and the US. He wrote two new Judge Dredd movies for Morris Ruskin of Shoreline Entertainment, based on the 2000AD comic book character and has written novel adaptations and original screenplays for producers worldwide.


His first horror film, "Parasite", directed by Andrew Prendergast, was produced and released in 2004 by Rebellion.


Prior to his time as a screenwriter he was actively involved in directing and producing short films, music promos and stage plays. He wrote and directed video sequences for the hugely successful stage play "Mood Indigo" which ran throughout the Midlands in 2005 and was produced by Off The Shelf Productions. Alan has directed over 40 music promos, as well as live events and short films, including producing 35mm short film "Secret Friends", directed by Mark S Jones in 2000; and was a co-executive producer of "Gone Fishing", written and directed by Chris Jones (Alan also directed the "slow motion" sequences in the film).


Alan is an experienced camera operator and lighting designer, working with all major cameras and formats from 35mm film to 4k digital video. He also enjoys film criticism, writing for magazines and blogs, offering a filmmaker's perspective on current and classic films.


His directorial debut feature film "Ashes" is available now on  Amazon Prime..




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