Project: Short film
Genre: Drama/Experimental
Length: 8 minutes


A young girl drives across country to find her father waiting for her on a secluded beach. Along the way, her imagination comes to life in the form a beautiful blue butterfly. The butterfly, a benign spirit, helps the lost find their way and reunites loved ones – a reflection of the girls very own story. Will the butterfly reunite father and daughter?

Containing no dialogue, Butterfly is the second in a trilogy of experimental short films by Bradgate Films.


Shot over a period of 6 months, the production brought together a diverse group of actors and crew from across the country to form a story which spans the UK, from the forests of the Midlands to the highlands of Scotland.

Cast / Crew

Tianna Hunkins
Martha Newcombe
Louise Newcombe

Written and Directed by
Alan Coulson

Produced by
Maria Ellis
John Palmer

Directors of Photography
Graeme MacDonald
Alan Coulson