Feature Film
100 minutes

Synopsis: A man learns of the early release of the killer of his wife and begins a journey across the UK to track him down.

Cast: Rupert Procter, Graeme Rooney, Mark Wood, Rebecca McQuillan, Jane Perry
Writer/Director: Alan Coulson

In The Daze of Things

Short Film
12 minutes

Synopsis: In this comedy of manners, two men who don’t know each other, an American and a Frenchman, meet up in a Parisian apartment concerning a very important topic to the both of them….

Cast: Gaël Zaks, Valéry Schatz
Writer/Director: Gaël Zaks

Gone Fishing

Short Film
10 minutes

Synopsis: An old man and a young boy cope with the loss of a loved one through their mutual love of fishing.

Cast: Bill Paterson, Devon Murray, James Wilson
Writer/Director: Chris Jones

Book of Life

Short Film
10 minutes

Synopsis: The story of an existential search for an answer to an unanswerable question. A young man embarks on a lonely journey across a vast, ever-changing landscape, escaping the reality of a world that suffocates him.

Cast: James Robinson
Writer/Director: Alan Coulson


Short Film
8 minutes

Synopsis: A young girl drives across country to find her father waiting for her on a secluded beach. Along the way, her imagination comes to life in the form a beautiful blue butterfly.

Cast: Tianna Hunkins, Martha Newcombe, Louise Newcombe
Writer/Director: Alan Coulson

To Sleep!

Short Film
14 minutes

Synopsis: Edward Burton, a struggling young actor, tries to get to sleep the night before an early audition for the lead role in Hamlet. But in a bizarre parallel to the fortunes of Hamlet himself, Edward is facing the worse night of his life.

Cast: Alan Westaway, Charlotte Drew, Louise Ellis
Writer/Director: Alan Coulson