Our Recruitment Policy

WHO is this policy for?

  • Bradgate Films producers looking to recruit for an existing or newly created role
  • Filmmakers looking for a new role working with Bradgate Films
  • Bradgate Films works with filmmakers on a freelance basis and this policy does form part of any agreement.

WHY is this policy important?

Because our success depends on doing this right

The quality of our films depends on attracting the right people to the right roles at the right time; people who have the right commitment, have huge potential, are talented, diverse and embody our core values.

  • be bold
  • be positive
  • be fair
  • be accountable
  • be creative
  • be passionate.

HOW will we do this?

  • We will recruit transparently, objectively and expansively (so we get to see the broadest range of candidates).
  • We unashamedly value applications from local people with protected characteristics and our recruitment process reflects this.

WHAT are the details of the policy?

Here’s where we may advertise

  • On our website
  • On industry and general recruitment websites
  • Jobcentre Plus
  • Via social media platforms
  • Via local training providers such as colleges and universities.

We will always advertise for EVERY role for a minimum of two weeks.

How do we choose candidates?

  • Our selection criteria is fair, consistent and rigorous – to test the candidate’s skills, knowledge, experience and general attitude in relation to the role
  • Anyone who meets the basic requirements for the position (as set out in the job description) will be considered for an interview, but not guaranteed one
  • The criteria will depend on any number of factors – including how specialised the job is and the seniority of the position
  • A face-to-face interview usually forms part of the selection process.

Candidates with disabilities

  • If a disabled candidate meets the minimum criteria, they’re guaranteed an interview. We are disability confident and commit to applicants that the interview will never be an ‘empty gesture’. If you have the skills we need, we want to work with you and will make any necessary arrangements gladly to have you as a valued part of the team.

About giving interview feedback

  • Where requested feedback will be given to any candidate who’s been interviewed.

About data protection

  • We take this very seriously and have a legal responsibility to keep personal details confidential. Applications will only be held on file for six months unless you give us your permission to hold onto your details for longer.

HOW do you now go about things?

Here’s who’s responsible for what

Applicants for: being transparent and honest with us – we will be with you. We value attitudes and behaviours alongside technical skills and experience so if you’ve any doubts whether a role is right for you contact the recruiting producer for a chat.

Producers for: being in control of the process, knowing which aspects you’re responsible for and exactly what will happen when.

This involves:

  • Ensuring a role description exists – if one does, make sure it’s up-to-date; if not, create one
  • Establishing clearly what skills and competencies the ideal candidate should have
  • Getting authorisation for the specific vacancy
  • Deciding on an advertising strategy and co-ordinating the advertising campaign
  • Determining the selection criteria and deciding how candidates will be interviewed. Remember, the clearer and more concise you are, the more accurate the shortlisting will be
  • Clarifying who’ll interview candidates
  • Arranging suitable (preferably local) interview venue’s ensuring accessibility is adequate
  • Taking clear, objective interview notes in case feedback is asked for
  • Knowing how and when to tell someone they’ve got the job; the same goes for candidates who’ve been unsuccessful
  • Understanding what official paperwork’s needed, what it should contain and when it should be sent out
  • Managing the timing of the process, most notably allowing sufficient time to recruit
  • Communicating effectively in a timely manner with applicants at all stages whether successful or not.